Ep. 38 - Prometheus


Episode presents risks of burning and daily liver displacement due to eagle attacks. Practice caution when listening.

Well now that we've warned you... Today's episode is all about the Titan god of fire, Prometheus. His tale of rebellion against Zeus in giving fire to humanity and his daily loss of liver to Zeus' eagle has ignited the creative flame of the arts in countless instances, so what better topic for this podcast? Join us as we fascinate ourselves over a vast and varied set of art and music that depict this Titan - Prometheus! 



Bell Krater (360-350 BCE) 


Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640): Prometheus Bound (1611) 


Paul Manship (1885-1966): Prometheus (1934) 




Franz Liszt (1811-86): Symphonic Poem No. 5, "Prometheus" (1850, rev. 1855) 

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus (1801) 


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