Ep. 49 - Saint John

For this week's episode, we will be soaring into the heavens with yet another saint from Christian history - Saint John the Apostle! As with so many other saints, Saint John has been represented endlessly by artists over the centuries, but some of the saint's writings also inspired a masterwork by a familiar composer. What are these masterpieces? Tune in to find out!



Frans Hals (1582-1666): Saint John the Evangelist (c.1625-28)

El Greco (1541-1614): St. John (1610-14)

John Baldung (1480-1545): Saint John on Patmos



Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Johannespassion (1724)


No playlist this week, but you can find the entire Passion in the Youtube link in the Music section!


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